Beaches and tours


  • Drapers San is located along the very same road where all the most famous beaches of this side of the Island are also found. Some can be reached by foot. Distance wise, Sanku Bay is just a few steps away from the Bed and Breakfast. This is Drapers local beach where in the early morning you can meet the fishermen and the Jamaicans who love to swim at dawn. Sanku Bay is small but has the most beautiful coral reef of the area.
  • Frenchman’s Cove, is 700 meters away. If you are in the mood for a walk you can easily reach this beach within a few minutes. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. There is an entrance fee but once inside it does offer a small restaurant, facilities and a bar where you can taste an excellent rum cocktail
  • San San Beach is 1 km away. Again, there is an entrance fee but from here you can take a boat to visit  Monkey Island
  • The Blue Lagoon, is 2 km away and has achieved fame because the film “Blue Lagoon” was made there. The water is very deep with colours ranging from blue cobalt to light green. Small tropical fish can be seen even from the shore. If you follow the path along side of the Lagoon, you reach a natural pool of fresh water. The legend says that a swim in this water will make you 20 years younger. It’s definitely worth a try.
  • Winnifred beach is the area’s public beach. It’s beautiful, colourful and lively. This is the place to go to meet Jamaicans, learn about Jamaica and have fun. Winnifred Beach, however, is endangered. It has been bought by a government agency who wants to charge an entrance fee. People have mobilized to protect it and Drapers San is proud to be a part of the Free Winnifred Committee. If you want to find out more, visit the web site and then sign the petition.
  • Boston bay  is about 15 minutes away from our Bed & Breakfast. It’s a beach for surfers and is also the most famous jerk center of all where chicken, fish, lobsters and pork are cooked on a huge grill.
  • Long bay is the farthest beach from the B&B. The beach is the most pristine and wild and the waves are big. Located some 20 minutes from the guest house, it can be reached by shared taxi. You can enjoy a long walk on the dunes and stop at the various kiosks where fresh fish is cooked.

Our Excursions

  • Excursions by boat to: Navy IslandMonkey IslandBlu lagoonWinnifred
  • Reach Falls Surrounded by a forest of ferns, this is one of the most enchanting spots in Jamaica. Climbing the falls is both exciting and easy and along the way, dive and swim in the many natural pools formed by the falls.
  • Rafting along Rio Grande on bamboo rafts. You begin from the top of the mountain and pleasantly descend down to the ocean. Then enjoy jerk chicken which a hearty lady cooks on the edge of the river. At low tide, along strips of sand, you can see the blue herons and flamingos and get some wonderful pictures.
  • Tour Valley Park (Nonsuch Caves), Somerset Falls, Plantations and Bath fountain


Our Tours

On request, the Bed and Breakfast organizes tour to visit some of the most beautiful spots in the Portland area and in other parts of the island. You can spend a day in Kingston, visit the Bob Marley Museum, Trench Town and much more, or go to Ocho Rios, the Blue Mountains or visit the Bob Marley House at Nine miles.