Guest House

Drapers San is a Bed and Breakfast which offers two cottage-style houses nearby the sea, surrounded by a colourful and flowery garden where chairs and benches offer the perfect  relax. The community of Drapers is approximately 5 km from Port Antonio, at the start of San San, an area which boasts the most beautiful beaches of Jamaica. Maria Carla, the owner, is an Italian who has lived on the island for many years. Besides taking care of her bed and breakfast, with her daughter Francesca, she is very involved with human rights issues and has established a non-profit organization called “Stand Up For Jamaica” which promotes several humanitarian projects. For all those interested, the Association has a web site and is on Facebook. Maria Carla is passionate about reggae music and if her guests share this interest, she will galdly a van to take them to some of the most beautiful concerts. Draper San offers a family atmosphere and there is always someone willing to provide suggestions and advice, information regarding the nearby areas and the local culture. Maria Carla and Francesca know Jamaica very well and are always ready and willing to share their knowledge with their guests.  This is the best way to learn about such a diverse and fascinating country which is worthy of one’s curiosity. Port Antonio is a small town which sits at the intersection of two twin bays where the twin islands are located. The town is fun and lively at all hours, with the exception of Sunday morning. The atmosphere is bustling both in the shops that  sell just about everything and outdoors where the Jerk chicken is always being cooked in the barrels and the many carts  sell fruit and sugar cane. In the evening, the streets come to life with a great deal of dancing; again the atmosphere is lively and the Jamaicans stand out for the very bright and colourful style of clothing they love to wear  because when the Jamaicans decide to go out and have fun,  they love to display their elegance. The Roof Club, the Road Block Dance and the Crystal are the most well known places. And should you stay there until very late, the taxi service, located in the market square, never sleeps.

Port Antonio and surrounding areas

When in Port Antonio,  take a walk in the Marine Park which unfolds along the port and the bay. The park is well kept and quite lively in the afternoon, when the children and the young people gather there. There is an excellent ice cream shop and to the far left of the park, a restaurant, bar and swimming pool. The atmosphere is great as is the small beach in front of Navy Island. From Port Antonio, one can go and spend the day or the evening at Sanshi Bay, a beach where the evenings are characterized by a lot of wild dancing. Our Bed and Breakfast can arrange a transfer for anyone who wishes to head there for the evening. Along the road from Port Antonio and Annotto Bay, is Somerset Fall, a place where the FI WI SINTNG takes place. This is one of the events most loved by the Rastafarians who come from all over Jamaica. February is the Month of Black History and one of the most anticipated events is Fi Wi – a day of live traditional music, dances, poetry reading, telling of tales for the young ones and excellent vegetarian foods available in one of the hundred of kiosks surrounding the park. Our Guest House organizes a small bus for anyone wanting to attend the event.